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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 1, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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bill: continuing with our legal segment. the governor of arizona brewer very upset that the obama administration specifically secretary of state hillary clinton has submitted a report to the u.n. linking the arizona illegal alien law with human right abuses.
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so very simply guilfoyle so even i can understand. why does hillary clinton and her state department want to get involved with the u.n. on this issue? >> because the united states must lead by example and point out our own flaws and what human rights violations and abuses. >> bill: what human rights violations has occurred as a result of the law which is now being litigated? >> racial profiling. >> bill: they don't have examples. >> no example what . this is a serious allegation. >> bill: all right, the state department has sent a report saying that there are human rights violations in arizona or there may be? >> that there may be. but in is an example of how we are policing our own country and pointing out where we feel -- >> bill: litigating this to stop potential --
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>> potential racial profiling. it is labeling us with other countries that have committed genocide. that engage in human trafficking, child slavery. you are going to liken the two and say -- >> they don't go that far. >> that's where included. >> here's why it doesn't make sense to put it in a report. litigation is ongoing. both parties should not be talking about this at all. ly, the feds brought this lawsuit based on federal rights not human rights. now they are insinuating it is a human rights issue. >> bill: i have the federal government going to the u.n. saying we our problems in the human right area, look at arizona. there aren't any human rights violations on the record. >> the law never passed. >> bill: no, that's wrong. there are some parts of the law in effect.
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>> okay that's right. >> bill: say this again. >> i was correcting myself as the words were coming out. >> she is right it hasn't been deemed illegal. >> bill: everybody heard it. jonesboro, arkansas. you got a wise guy who is watching in an arrest, i this it is a low level pot arrest by some officers. he starts to scream at the officers, roll the tape. >> nazis! nazi! ss! gestapo! yes, 4th amendment, freedom it means nothing to you. you took an oath to the constitution and you don't uphold it, shame on you! he waved at me. get off my property, i don't want you here. i'm shutting my garage, get out of my garage.
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>> now we got the right to interrogate you. >> i got the right to remain silent. i'm revoking my right to remain silent. >> you call me a nazi? >> uh-huh. >> why? >> because you are acting like one. >> bill: what happened to that guy? >> here's a legal word for him, scumbag. >> bill: whoa harvard law school everyone. animal cruelty, you want to pun him. and sock him in the nose. >> bill: what happened? >> he's a creep. any way he was charged, i'll try to be nice with disorderly conduct you just saw there. it is not going to fly bill because he does have the right. he got his amendments wrong. he's got the first amendment right to say whatever he
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wants. remember the case last week where the guy gave a finger to a cop. >> bill: police charge him with disorderly conduct while arrest was underway he was being disorderly. but he was on his own property, does that matter? >> absolutely. when the cops are coming on to your property you are not in a public space that is important. i think it is going to get thrown out. that scumbag's case is going to get thrown out. >> 20 days in jail, 80 hours of community service. >> bill: did he plead guilty? >> of course. basically, this guy was -- >> bill: wait, did he plead guilty? >> this is what the judge is going to give him. >> bill: listen if she is right and the guy didn't break the law and he has an entitlement to say these inks to the police. why would the judge give him anything? >> they already dropped one
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charge which is felony possession of a weapon because he had a weapon and they went in and did a search. they threw that out because the gun was legally registered to him. he's allowed to mouth off. >> bill: i don't understand you know how dense i am. you said he's going to do some kind of punishment and she is seeing he's not going to get convicted? >> i think he will get convicted of disorderly conduct. >> what kim talking about is a prior charge for animal cruelty where he spent the day in jail for a horrendous act. >> based on his prior record and the fact that he received the sentence in that case, that he will be sentenced -- >> bill: you both are former prosecutors. it is jonesboro, arkansas, i'm not demeaning small towns. they can prosecute in that county if they were in chicago, l.a. or new york, never.
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>> no, the first amendment is still the first amendment. >> bill: i knee. but you have discretion to prosecute, yes or no? >> yes. >> bill: would you bring the case? >> yes. that is someone who has a prior record he has been sentenced before. >> bill: you would spend the money and show an example that you are not going to abuse our police like this? >> i think so, yeah. >> he was in his home. it is first amendment, it is disgusting what he said. >> bill: would you not bring the case? >> let me just finish. >> bill: 15 seconds. >> charged civilly i would be paying more. >> bill: would you not bring the case? >> i would leave him alone. >> bill: if you did heob would sue you? ladies, i think i understand. >> is your head hurting? >> bill: in a moment john stossel and the ground zero mosque, what is his take on this? then pinheads and patriots. why is this guidancing while
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campaigning for the senate in south carolina? we will tell you, coming up.;7
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. >> bill: it seems we've heard from everybody on earth about the mosab hassan yousef controversy, except fox news business anchor and libertarian, john stossel so here he is. spare me, please because my head is gonna blow off. i know the muslims have a right to build a mosque and everyone else knows they have that right. but what about the wisdom of the project, stossel? >> wisdom? it is not wise to anger thousands of people and also to hole up and not talk about your reasoning, all that is dumb. >> bill: you think it is a dumb idea because it is alienating -- here's what i think. i think if muslims really want to have goodwill, they would drop this. >> maybe. but you don't want me to talk about the constitution.
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>> bill: no. everybody knows what the constitution is. >> who cares what i think or what you think or what president obama thinks. it is private property that's what counts. you ought to worship anything you want on your property. >> bill: they can do that because there are 100 mosques more than one muhammad in new york city and it is private property so they can build it. they are not going to get a construction crew in this city that will lift a hammer. >> volunteer construction. >> bill: doubt it. number two, by building the mosque -- they don't have any money, they are broke. >> from the publicity they may get money. >> bill: not from america. but the real did is, it is making americans not like muslims. this is doing just the opposite of what they say they want it to do, bring everybody together. it is separating everybody. >> that's why they should talk
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about it and say what they are about. i don't know it is making all americans not like muslims. certainly not good pr. >> bill: not good pr. on the libertarian end. school prayer, libertarians should say, unless i have you guys wrong, if you want to pray in school you can, voluntary action, you want to pray, pray. >> absolutely. if a teacher is leading prayer we would say no. >> bill: that's an imposition. >> you can go to a school where people pray. >> bill: couldn't they have a moment of silence they would shut their mouth and do whatever they wanted? >> i'm for that >> bill: you don't object to operational prayer in school? >> no. >> bill: how about a catholic club in a public school or muslim or jewish club. afterschool hours. >> totally fine as long as you don't say yes to catholics no to muslims. >> bill: social issues, gay
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marriage, , have clerics in the church say this is what we believe and we hope you believe it too is that okay? >> sure. free speech. >> bill: private property, free speech on their own terms. they get tax benefits and people say if you are gonna get tax benefits you can't proselytize in the political arena. >> maybe they shouldn't get tax benefits. >> bill: don't you think we should encourage churches isn't that a good thing? >> maybe we should have lower taxes and make it easier for everyone to operate. >> bill: lower tax is good. >> everybody pays the same. >> bill: there's a study that says one in six americans are on the dole getting some kind of entitlement money from the government. i know you are appalled by that. >> i am appalled this is very nasty for our future. as george bernard shaw says the government that relies on peter to pay paul can always
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get the support of paul. we are getting more and more pauls in america soon the majority will vote them services free stuff this is an awful message. >> bill: 15, 16, 17% of americans who are receiving taxpayer benefits? >> if you include social security and medicare it is higher. >> bill: you don't because you pay into. >> you get more than you pay in. >> bill: it depends on how long you live. you believe these people are bad? >> i think these policies are bad. they encourage dependency. 99 weeks of unemployment we just extended it. a third of the people find a job the week their unemployment stops. >> bill: wow, i didn't foe that. >> it is an invitation not to work. >> bill: it is an invitation to laziness. john stossel everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck that crazy guy alvin greene in the spotlight. we'll be right back.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring roger federer and alvin greene. but first gear marked way down. you will save a bindle on fall and winter gift-giving. his. with we hope you are enjoying the series of chats we have. we hope nonpm's will check out the program. now the mail: beck's rally, why would left be afraid of that? bob: you are a piece of work. your boy beck calls the president a racist you say apologized sowa. even the right was criticizing him. jennifer: it is my belief that most beck bashers base their opinion on what they hear. i ask what do you object to? they say they don't know because they don't watch.
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>> as for dean saying those who attended beck's rally are lost souls i'm a cardiologist and my wife is a nurse we are hardly lost. i hope you can examine dean to see if he has a heart. >> beck ignored some problems caused by political philosophy. beck was smart to avoid politics the liberal media would have killed him his message would have been crushed. the villages florida great program you had reverend al stumbling while trying to explain his provocative words. come on you are supposed to be a tough interview and you let sharpton off easy. are you kidding me, did you see that interview? come on yourself. what was i supposed to do grab his tie. i enjoyed seeing beck and
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sharpton on the fact are gave both sides can't wait for your new book. i'm sending you one charles. it hits the stores september 14th, you can order online now. >> my peers don't approve of my political views but i don't care. we don't recite the pledge of allegiance any more. i'm going to find out why tyler. stick to your beliefs and let me know if you get any inappropriate static. we are here to protect all the kids. finally, pinheads and patriots once in a smile sporting activity captures our attention. at the u.s. open here in new york city, roger federer put on quite a display. >> announcer: he does it again everybody!
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just when you thought it couldn't get any better. >> announcer: that is the shot he hit last year. deja vu! >> bill: i can do that. i know it is a stretch but i'm making the shot patriotic because i wanted to you see the video. on the pinhead front no doubt alvin greene is a nut. >> here we go alvin. ♪ when i say alvin you say greene ♪ ♪ ♪ and you want a big exchange in a major way ♪ ♪ jobs, education ♪ >> announcer: all right. >> bill: i'm voting for alvin. i don't live in south carolina -- no i wouldn't. pinhead? of course. i think that's it for today. you want to see that alvin thing again? nobody wants to see it again. please check out the fox news
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factor website different from bill o' please spout off from anywhere in the world, name a town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor please do not be obtuse. thank you for watching tonight i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: the american combat mission in iraq has officially ended that was the message tonight from president obama who addressed the nation from the oval office a short time ago. >> the president: tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. the iraqi people now have lead responsibility to the security of their country. >> sean: for days there have
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been questions over whether the president would acknowledge george w. bush during his remarks. tonight those questions were answered. >> the president: this afternoon, i spoke to former president george w. bush. it is well-known that he and i disagreed about the war from its outset. yet, no one can doubt president bush's support for our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. >> sean: joining me with reaction to the president's address is the ranking member of the senate armed services committee senator mccain. welcome back. >> thank you sean. >> sean: you know, how ungracious of the president as we just see. he said the minimal things george bush supports our troops. he loves our country. that's the best co-muster? >> well, -- the best he could muster? generosity of spirit. what he should have said.
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i opposed the surge. i was wrong. i made a mistake and george w. bush deserves credit for doing something that was very, very unpopular at the time. instead, he to say it is well-known that george bush really? act the fact is, that -- and the fact is that then senator obama voted to cut often funding, not even joe biden, wanted to divide iraq into three countries, voted again the funding for ongoing operations. he opposed the surge. and used hillary clinton's vote for the war as a way to defeat her in the presidential primary for the democratic nomination. i mean, you just can't make it up. >> sean: it seems like in many ways he was trying to thread the needle appeal to his left wing base. the closest he came to saying
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we were victorious was, the american people served in iraq completed every mission they were given they defeated the regime that terrorized its peel many we toppled the regime a long time ago. how about we won the war it was a success? >> he never did really articulate that. if i could switch gears a second. the part that disturbs me the most. i'm not surprised that he wouldn't give george bush credit that is in the dna of the individual apparently. when he said, withdrawal would be conditions-based then contradicted that by saying we will begin to withdraw the middle of 2011. that's an ambiguity inafter taff that could cause us to fail. -- in afghanistan that could cause us to fail. our friends are discouraged,
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our enemies are encouraged. taliban captive said you've time. karzai's behavior indicates his uncertainty about our commitment. pakistan -- outside of kandahar, last 4th of july, met a noncorrupt police chief, he said the taliban are next year. and those of us who cooperate they are going to cut off our heads. i said do you believe we are leaving? he said yes. the fact that we are telling these people there, our friends and our enemies that we are leaving. again, the president reinforced that ambiguity again tonight puts young americans in harm's way unnecessarily because i don't believe we can succeed if we don't say it is strictly conditions-based. the president has to say that. >> sean: i was watching charles krauthammer immediately after the speech he used adjectives flat and
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odd in many ways he's right. what the president said when it comes to afghanistan he's reiterating the 2011 deadline when he said the transition will begin. and spoke against an open-ended war when our enemies are doubting right now our staying power in afghanistan. did obama not give them reason to celebrate tonight? >> i think if not reason to celebrate, certainly reason to be encouraged to hold out and again, to people like karzai and other people who have to remain in the region, pakistanis as well, the signal is, you better start an cop dating to american departure. i appreciate what -- you better start accommodating to american departure. general petraeus is walking a fine line as you might have noticed. but it takes the president of the united states to say, unequivocally, we are going to
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win and then withdraw. just like we were able to do in iraq, with the success of the surge. which he opposed. now seems to be taking credit for. >> sean: if he had his way we wouldn't have had this today. he couldn't utter the words, we were victorious. if i was one of the brave men and women that served, i would be a little offended. senator, good to see you. >> thank you sean. >> sean: coming up congressman mike pence and our great, mike pence and our great, great,
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i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick
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. >> sean: moments ago president obama addressed the nation about the e of combat operations in iraq. he proclaimed that he has full filthed his campaign pledge to the american people to end the war in iraq. he wasn't always this optimistic. >> the president: i am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in iraq is gonna solve the sectarian violence there. in fact i think it will do the reverse. i'm going to pose the president's proposal. i don't doubt his sin . but i think he's wrong. not only have we not seen improvements but we are worsening potentially, a situation there. it is time to end the political game playing so we can end this war! >> sean: joining me with reaction is indiana congressman mike pence. welcome back to the show.
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he said in the beginning, look there's nobody that i know an expert in the region, no military officer, that i've spoken to that believes that the surge would make any substantial difference on the situation on the ground. he couldn't even acknowledge tonight even though i guess the sincerest form of flattery is what is happening in afghanistan they are trying to duplicate it. couldn't acknowledge that it worked. i thought that was a big missing part to the speech tonight. >> i think there were a lot of missing parts to the speech. i think you put your finger on the chief among them. first, i think the president acknowledging the sacrifice of our armed forces, the families especially the families of the fallen and injured was right and fitting. >> sean: how about acknowledging victory? >> two thing. number one he didn't give credit where credit is due to his predecessor, withering domestic criticism.
3:36 am
refused to accept defeat in iraq. secondly, he used the word victory at the tail end of the speech. not clear he was referring to iraq when he did it. there's no ceremonies for surrender. i thought the speech was wanting. i thought it lacked a gratitude toward his predecessor. he said that he and president george w. bush disagreed about the war. sean, the american know they didn't just disagree about the war. they days about the surge. then senator barack obama, harry reid, nancy pelosi, were wrong about the surge and wrong to oppose it and the american people know it. >> sean: questions i think remain unanswered. did the surge work mr. president? did we win the war in afghanistan? did we have a victory? was the surge the right strategy? what would iraq look like today if we didn't go forward with the surge? >> i think we know. it would look like iraq looked
3:37 am
in 2006 and in early 2007. you played those clips, you did it on your radio show today as well. almost like the white house doesn't know about youtube right now they don't know that, you know people can just go and look at what the president said. that last clip you showed in late 2007 then senator barack obama was still saying that the surge wasn't working even though the evidence was overwhelming that it was. you know, look, i get it. i understand how difficult with his left flank it would be for him to acknowledge that he was wrong. that nancy pelosi was wrong. that harry reid was wrong. that 10 votes they took in the house of representatives for a timetable for withdrawal and setting the take for surrender were wrong. at least he could have said tonight george w. bush and i disagreed on strategy and tactic but i admire his determination and willingness as president to see this
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through, despite overwhelming public opposition. he didn't say that. he didn't give credit where credit is due and that's a disappointment. >> sean: trying to dovetail the economy in the speech seemed a little odd. again, krauthammer was right in the sense that, you get the impression that he views the war on terror, resistant to use the term, man caused disasters, as a distraction not as something he needs to be actively involved in winning. >> i think that's fair. look, if all across the country people are focused on jobs and spending. tonight on the final day of combat operations, in iraq, we were all looking for him to acknowledge the success of our military and to cast a vision -- where was the language about bear any burden, pay any price to ensure the survival
3:39 am
of freedom? instead back to championing more spending, national energy tax. i was a missed opportunity. it lacked vision. he didn't give credit where credit is due. i think the american people get that. >> sean: congressman appreciate you being with us. to read more about tonight's presidential address you can go to let not your heart be troubled our great, great american panel, straight ahead. thanks to t venture card from capital one, we gedouble miles on every purchase. so wearned an l.a. getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use oucard. no matter at we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer introducing the venture card from capital one with double miles on everyurchase every day. go to [ indistinct shouting ]
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>> sean: 63 days from now americans will head to the polls in one of the most anticipated midterm elections in history. iraq and afghanistan will have a major impact this november. moments ago we heard from the anointed one on these critical issues. she is a political consultant, fundraiser come ist, republican strategist noelle nikpour is back. national campaign manager for howard dean's presidential campaign, joe trippi is back. editor at daily, -- and you fill in do you throw the football when you fill in? >> that would be wrong sean.
3:44 am
>> sean: your daughter is there the official receiver tonight. look at this. she has a good arm. she was just whipping them at my head, which liberals would love. let's start with the speech tonight. your reaction. i was not impressed. the fact that he doesn't say we accomplished our mission. you don't have to say mission accomplished. we were victorious, honor our troops for the success of the mission we set them out to do. >> everything was small. run-up was small where his spokesman atack president bush for the mission accomplished banner. >> sean: see it this morning? >> ludicrous. i objected to pictures of his kids in the background. it was taking advantage of them and their images. >> every president has pictures of their kids in the background. >> i'm against it. >> we are not fooled by the
3:45 am
empty rhetoric of his speech. no one believed that he had much sincerity in the speech. he opposed the surge number one. number two, he called when he was campaigning, he called it a dumb war, a rash war. he spent 15 minutes on this speech. he hasn't talked about iraq in a year and a half. >> sean: we wouldn't be successful. he said we would be out of there, his first year in office. number two, if he had his way we wouldn't have been successful, would we? he was wrong. >> if i had my way we wouldn't have gone. he wasn't for going either. >> he didn't want to fund it. >> i spent time, january, february, march, in baghdad trying to help strengthen democracy. they were a long way from success in this country. anybody who thinks they are ready to stand up on their own without our troops. >> sean: wait a minute you are saying we are going to sacrifice all these american
3:46 am
lives, time, money, effort, resources, you are saying we are going to fail? >> we don't have a government yet. >> sean: why would we leave joe? >> i'm talking about senator mccain saying we won. >> sean: wait a minute why wouldn't we finish the job? >> we are. 50,000 troops are going to be there. i don't agree they will be out in a year. i think it is going to take longer. it is going to be a long time before we know >> sean: more with our panel. tucker's daughter is going to catch this. here we go!
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. we have the generic ballot gallup poll with the largest gop edge in 68 years trippi, 68 years since 1942! generic ballot for
3:51 am
republicans. >> absolutely, yeah. >> sean: you got it? >> i think the average is 5%. >> sean: five was in the years '94 and the other big year '52. >> it is a bill maher engine now. 65 days away that can change. a few weeks ago it was even. >> what are the democrats running on? they can't run on the economy? what can they run on. >> sean: they can run on stimulus, obamacare, budget, deficient. >> i said you are not going to spend your way out of these problems. we've got economic problems that took 10 years -- >> sean: stop i've heard enough of blaming bush. >> rather than argue now is the time to enjoy the stark terror ceasing democratic forces right now.
3:52 am
>> you have democratic members of the house pretending they don't know nancy pelosi to the extent they know her they despise her. [ talking over each other ] >> it doesn't matter in midterm elections you have to localize the race. if it is the democrat versus the local republican the democrats win. [ talking over each other ] >> this is extraordinary. you are right, generally. >> that's nice. >> you don't typically see -- i've never seen -- members of congress say point blank i don't like the leader of my party. i may run against her. you never see that. >> i don't >> you do see that. you saw it with hastert. >> hastert was not a polarizing -- >> sean: let's have an honest moment. >> it is going to be a bad year. >> sean: how bad? >> i think we can lose the
3:53 am
house. >> sean: and the senate? >> i think the senate is in play absolutely. anybody who has denied that -- [ talking over each other ] >> why are people trying to runaway from pelosi or some other democrat because you have to make it local. make it local you have the best shot. >> sean: when we get back we'll really put to you the test. this going to be great, right back.
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>> sean: as we continue with our great american panel. all right trippi here's the question, every poll shows that the country is headed in the wrong direction. the top 10 issues now go to the republicans. generic ballot record number in 68 years. what is it that your party can do in 62 days to get back momentum and stop this from happening? >> like i said each member has got to make it local. the more this gets nationize the worse it is. when air force one flies into your district that is washington coming to the rescue. no one wants washington. the one mistake everybody is making this could be a bad democratic year it could just be a bad incumbent year. some republicans are going out window. >> what are you gonna do to get the people that were moderate and voted for obama are not first time? how are you going to recapture that voter that we are going to get? >> right now it is clear -- >> what is your message?
3:58 am
>> it is clear the energy is on the right, right now. democratic energy in terms of people are going to turn out is less that's a big problem. >> don't you think -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: the republicans are going to come out with something like a contract. i've been assured by every top leader, michael steele, john boehner. they are putting it in writing. >> no one is in love with the republicans right now. >> the polls say it. >> no, they don't. [ talking over each other ] >> they don't like the republican in congress. >> this is a referendum on obama. he's the first democrat -- [ talking over each other ] >> obama had everything going for him. no democrats in -- he a mandate, in fewer than two years has squandered it and made himself into a joke. >> sean: they ran such a tight campaign. how is it they are so out of
3:59 am
touch with the vacations? he couldn't get the gulf oil spill was a big deal and he needed to handle it in a more mature fashion. how come he doesn't get it the american people don't like spending. there's an out of touchness that i can't put my finger on. >> i think he had the economy go bad right before he came in. >> sean: i'm gonna throw this football at your head. >> i'm saying he kept a bunch of promises, health care. getting out of iraq. >> it didn't work, his solutions didn't work. stimulus didn't work. >> the problem right now is, i'm not sure everybody -- there are no good plans out there. >> really? standing there doing nothing would have been a better solution than driving us to the level of debt -- >> i don't believe that at all. how do you treat that with -- [ talking over each other ]


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